Oh dear. Now were talking. Brazil will win The Qatar 2022 World Cup. The Holy Fathers namesake, Francis of Assisi, also traveled to that part of the world during the Crusades, built friendships with Muslim leaders, and adapted some of the prayer traditions. Then a light bulb went on: have you been following what is happening there? Her images of hugging Croatian players became viral then. Hi Jessica. PS: maybe they will refuse the cup because they are the moral winner and have nothing more to loose ..? This is hilarious, and so French. Us Brits are not used to everyone being happy in tandem! The 6e cup keep staying there. Just like taking the knee in support of diversity and against discrimination of all sorts. Hi Jessica, Croatian colours are there in the two children/teenagers at the front. It would fit. Would you be interested in doing something similar for the League of Nations final in 2023? Welcome to Lunar New Year Around the world, its time to celebrate the end of the old and birth of the new, in Asian astrology. I think Brazil and Germany in the final. I appreciate you keeping the conversation going. It has so far been a fantastic tournament . My brains says Brazil, though they exited today. There is a news story that Messi promised to walk a pilgrimage from his hometown in Argentina to the location of one of the saints He also has a tattoo of Jesus, I believe, on his arm. Both planets have played a major role in his journey in the games before and shall do the same during the finals of the Qatar world cup 2022. I do wonder if the cup isnt symbolically handed to a female leader, or perhaps this young giant captain will make a huge gesture towards women. It is worth mentioning this will be the sixth time Croatia is trying to win the FIFA cup. The girl is the Lioness, and the Lionesses won the UEFA Womens Championship. The 6th cup could be the coming world cup. And I think you are right about the military man departing the scene, which Ive not mentioned at all. Argentina-Morocco sounds interesting. They both had been winners, and both know the game better than anybody else; France in 1998 & 2018 and Argentina in 1978 & 1986. Twice I tried to put the tea bags in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard and I dared not drive for at least 2 weeks after. With his Sun at Croatias Mars-North Node midpoint and his North Node conjunct Croatias Part of Fortune, I will predict that as long as he remains their coach, they will continue to have luck, success, and medals. The one who receives a cup has red-white-blue clothes (in that direct order same as Croatian flag). For the first time in FIFA world cup history, France and Argentina will be opposite each other to fight for the great title. I keep thinking first thought, best thought with the Tarot, which would have been Brazil, the sixth cup waiting for them but in this case, the answer will require more digging. The first two World Cup matches took place simultaneously on 13 July 1930, and were won by France and the US, who defeated Mexico 4-1 and Belgium 3-0 respectively. The female officials may be involved in the cup celebrations front-and-centre to make a point about this particular World Cup. Maybe Argentina is that country. As for the two cups that are set appart in the card, those might be the ones that Argentina won in 1978 and 1986. The celebrations meant I missed out on the group stages, but I'll be keeping abreast of developments throughout . Or is this the old Croatian president? Pluto has gone from Capricorn then. FOX is facing accusations of paying bribes to attain the World Cup rights. One more thing about the cross being laid down in the story of Christ. So just some crazy imagination. The cups overfloweth with Budweiser! Hi Jessica . Argentina, if not Brazil! Thank you. Everyone drinks it, even children, with meals. Am I way off base here? Christophe, cest vrai, especially as we realise where this is now headed! Brazil has that symbolism. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Jessica i cant wait for the final as this post is so interesting thank you. As the Moon in Libra suggests this too, we will see something far more important than just a football event, here. We also have to remember the old football anthems, perhaps, for clues. In Messi and Lloris Kundli, Rahu is in the Pisces zodiac sign. I think you can see from the comments here that a lot of readers will be watching Morocco v France with huge interest. Quite right, literally the sixth cup. When you first posted this I used the tarot on your website to see what card I would get for the winner and I pulled the King of Cups. Who will win the World Cup? The libra moon of the 2022 world cup final could indeed be a watershed moment for womens football with the up and coming Moroccan lionesses coming to play in NZ and Australia for the FIFA womens world cup in 2023. Of course the blonde hair, could refer to it being England V Germany in the final. I was also sold on the Lionesses, back on 22nd November, when you posted this. France has kept their winning plans alive by beating Morocco with a score of 2-0 in the semi. However like in the rest of Latin America theres a growing trend among the poorest to convert to Protestantism. So it seems strange that this theme is discussed in the final. The picture is showing that he is receiving his second trophy from a noble lady (lady in white glove symbolize nobility). Lets extend the discussion in Comments. I think that Morocco cant qualify for the finals. I love the way you are seeing so much detail in the card and if Morocco does win, your comment will become an instant classic on this website. Yes, despite the obvious sixth cup interpretation for the Six of Cups, and Brazil, the Tarot is not interested in being obvious. There are mediaeval style buildings in the background and these are common in Europe. Majka uvijek kae da je Zlatka nagradio dragi Bog Veernji.hr (vecernji.hr) (Dec 11 2022). The cup on the pedestal next to the boy may indicate this. There is also the red white and blue of the USA flag. Wine was no mystery so teenagers never ever got drunk until they started experimenting with beer. It is a clear symbol on the footbal jersey. I did actually think of Maradona and God, like you! As FIFA is widely seen as corrupt, this would make sense for certain games. I think so many of us around the world would love to see Morocco have their Rocky Balboa world cup champions moment, Inshallah a first for the African continent and the Islamic world while the event is taking place in Qatar of all places. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Have a look at the Tarot for a more personal forecast. Eclipses are something I associate with a cover-up. Maybe Argentina is that country. Pope Francis from Argentina is a very, very big sign from the astrology chart with Jupiter in Pisces on the day. Argentina is known for its Catholicism, wine, culture, food and the cross foreground could be the St. andrews cross Scots took football to South America. Though this is so tense I think I can only manage the footer and Tarot/Astrology for the World Cup. The captain and leader, Lionel Messi, is a cancer sun and is very proud of this team. I dont know if this will be posted or lost in the ether like the other comments I have tried to leave but thank you for the article and your website. Imagine an Islam-Christian final. It would be a strong gesture for FIFA to make sure a woman/women are front-and-centre on final day. 12th Oct 2022, 1:58pm. I thought it was such a sweet and beautiful moment between mother and son and was just reminded of it looking at the 6 of cups, especially with the one holding the cup bowing (sort of like a muslim) to a woman he loves with a head covering. German. Why? I personally think it will be a non European team winning this , Argentina or Morocco m. Oh, the sixth final for Argentina. You drew the Hanged Man for the final. Deschamps Neptune was conjunct Moroccos coachs North Node, which weakened Moroccos tactics. So thats the timing. The symbolism is that X is representing the numerical number 10. Arc de Triomphe de lEtoile, Place de lEtoile 3) The golden boot (for scoring most goals) could go to someone who wears #10 (Mbappe or Messi). Its like its been staring us in the face all along. The blond girl in the picture could be Ms Iva Olivari, the Croatian team manager. So many interpretations, this thread is a great fun! On the shield there is a Chi (X) a symbol for christianity. and one for the FIFA ? I think it can be the Netherlands. The woman is the mystery. A Christian Islam finale could explain something. The Frenchies wont agree with you about the hat, but I think everyone would have to agree X is 10 for Messi. I believe it to be a Scorpio ruled card too. Maybe there will be a split within FIFA with some confederations breaking away. I have never seen players children at the finish of a Football Final before, as other people have suggested this maybe the children in the card. All of which makes the final so much more interesting. Ill post all the photographs from the final in a feature called True Predictions, New Predictions, for the New Year, because they were so uncannily like the Six of Cups Tarot card. Jupiter in Pisces may show up as religion within the team so I should really amend that to team or nation but either way, this final is a big push for spirituality or the church. Senegal played well didnt they. South America CONMEBOL Readers who are looking at the comments in this feature will be fascinated to see how the actual final plays out on television. R raghuramastrologer New member Sep 1, 2022 #2 We are also a country that runs on football and alcohol. Brazils Mars was also eclipsed on October 25, 2022. The only question then remains who Morocco will compete against in the final: Croatia or Argentina? I do agree that the female in the card could be Stephanie Frappart. https://sport.hrt.hr/hrvatski-nogomet/dalic-jednostavnost-je-najteza-svi-previse-kompliciramo-10427038 (Nov 7 2022). Jupiter is at 29 Pisces in the Twelfth House of spirituality at 6.00pm on 18th December in Doha, exactly square Hygiea at 29 Sagittarius in the house of foreigners and foreign countries. The Moroccan womens team may well be represented by the girls hands on the golden cup. The country in question seems to run on both football triumphs and alcohol. On the other side, the girl on the card is wearing a head scarf but her head is not fully covered which can be linked to issues in Iran. Thank you also for just being there. The man in the background of the card also carries a stick. If we take The Six of Cups literally, then this is the Sixth World Cup for this country. Ha, not sure Im psychic, but I do want Messi to triumph. You seem correct! I also believe that they wanted to prove themselves this year because of the memory (4th house) of their poor showing at the 2018 WC. I think God is finding his way into this World Cup final, along with Jupiter in Pisces, the sign of the fishes, long associated with Christ. And if France has won five tournaments, you may have your sixth here. The colours in the picture could fit with several teams but there is little green. Thats great. The FIFA, represented by the boy (FIFAboss or emir ?) Thank you! That neat little trick of seeing four cups down the bottom, a fifth in hand and a sixth in the future has come to nothing now Germany has gone. I agree about the religious aspect, but that might be for other reasons, than a Morocco world win. The woman presenting the cup has a headscarf on that is not covering her head, so you can see her face and hair ( this could also be to do with Iran) interesting , Im going to pull a card. An England win would have been ideal with the Lionesses romping in the stands, with a double male-female victory but unfortunately the Tarot has other ideas. Bacchus is at 11 Scorpio in conjunction with the South Node at 12 Scorpio. Maybe! Jupiter has always shown where the biggest picture is, at any cup. Maybe the final is Argentina-Morocco. Astrologically, Hugo Lloris is a Gemini ascendant with planet Mercury as its ruling planet. Nobody likes penalty shoot-outs (although if you bet on them, you can win a fortune). But its a fairly weak argument. That cover page also shows Croatian national football team coach Zlatko Dali and captain Luka Modri. He is football fan, and has written about the role of sports in bringing people together. Argentina- Their natal Jupiter was eclipsed on November 8, 2022 just a week before the WC began. And no Morocco! Thank you for reading and take care. Not to mention 1066 (Battle of Hastings) and 1666 (Great fire of London). But also the England Squad are very much lovely young lads, who have used their platform to voice their views for the greater good. Could this be relevant, and I think the Angel above is blowing a horn or a trumpet. Ive said many times, for everything Ive done in my life, I thank God and my family. The reigning World Cup champions are France. They had luck and power on their side during this tournament. Just so happy for the people of Argentina. My former boyfriend from University was Croatian so I know how patriotic people from Croatia are (especially about football). Astrotalk is the best astrology website for online Astrology predictions. the man walking away on the left is likely Messi (last WC game and walking away without the Cup Jupiter Venus square was really tight when Brasil and Portugal lost their matches. Im replying rather late, but we now know it will be France and Argentina. That is Jupiter. World Cup astrology is an interesting thing. This is really interesting. I agree with you. Your published comment will appear on the website and in search engine results. Im just updating this comments section and by now we know Theyre going home, theyre going home which is very sad for me as an England supporter. Tarot Card: Justin Tabari Yet, I think you had a very good take on the Tarot card. This speaks to their coachs Sun at the Pluto exaltation degree. Is this similar to the statement of the German team when they put their hand on their mouth before the start of the first match? Argentina (blue & white flag) is fancied by a number of pundits. But maybe football is really so hard to predict, The Tarot is clear on one thing. Germany did make sense at the time, but now we are also seeing the X hidden in the card. That Morocco moment was absolutely the image of this card. And on another note, the Tarot. by Kyle Fansler January 16, 2023 EST. Apparently if Argentina reach the final, it will be their 6th final , something to ponder about in relation to the cups. Of course, the Tarot is not about betting. Yes, Pope Francis, born in Argentina on December 17th 1936 fits the astrological chart, but also the symbolism of the chalice the cup standing alone in the card. Have a good day. Argentina will win the final. What do you think? Maybe I am a bit Gemini. However, a court appearance on Tuesday for two former FOX executives could implicate that FOX paid bribes to help acquire the World Cup rights. Englands goalkeeper Jordan Pickford plays for who?Everton! All are secular and predominantly christian countries as well. Was there something special about four World Cups as a set, or group? Like you, I originally had a hunch it would be England with the lions motif in the girls clothing but now that I think about the cross laid down on its side things are reverberating differently for me. Both France and Argentina are considered to be Libra countries. The Christian religion aspects of Messi and Argentina are some would say over the top. First you couldnt get more religious than Morocco- today they were calling on allah and blessing their butts before entering the field. Check out our analysis and odds to see who has the best chance of taking home the title. Might a match between those two countries be an opportunity for a spiritual rapprochement and to lay aside old grudges? Cheers to all. Lets see. Now that Morocco is out, its Vive France for me too in the final. The captain and leader, Lionel Messi, is a cancer sun and is very proud of this team. It would be quite literal, if Brazil went to Six Cups! Morocco has already united so many people, and I believe them winning the cup could really inspire the world!! Thanks for this link to amazingly, the Catholic News Agency! While the world cup has already had its fair share of viral moments, this has undoubtedly become the tournament of upsets. So lets seethank you for spotting the connection in the Tarot card. I hope this happens but I do think something is going to happen even if it isnt this. If thats the final, you deserve full credit for reading the cross in the card that way. Like the world cup they are golden and of a similar shape and possibly size. We have to go back to the Argentina clues I think: we were talking about religion in the astrology chart and the Pope will indeed be wearing his lucky Argentina underpants that day. The Bacchus-South Node conjunction in Scorpio is about alcohol, sex and money so I suspect Qatar wont be showing that! You also mentioned a religious country and according to cultural atlas https://culturalatlas.sbs.com.au/croatian-culture/croatian-culture-religion 86.3% identifying as Roman Catholic. To close with Zlatko Dalis words: Faith, respect and pride, our players have one big thing, and that is togetherness. Could this also be the Holy Grail of Christianity with our Argentina-born Pope watching the game? By NationalWorld Team. You have even been dreaming about the game, with your deep dive into the figure of the man walking away. We could say hes a teenager, perhaps, or just very young in the team. There is what looks like a fortified tower or fortress with arrow slits and also another building that has a church-like window. 2 amazing players, Messi and Mbappe both in the number 10 shirt (the X on the shield). As a user of this website you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions. If World Cup as simple as Major League in each Country. You are also poised for a new title, look, wardrobe, profile if you want one, from Christmas until May, as Jupiter goes into Aries and your First House of image. I think this Tarot card has tested everybody as it is complex. One last thing, the Moroccan womens team were the first Arab womens team to qualify for the FIFA Womens World Cup and will make their debut in 2023Now doesnt this all feel very significant with the boy child handing over the cup to the girl child in Pamelas six of cups tarot card? Who is the player with the no 10 in his jersey? This could be France out, but the Sixth cup winner in. Lets hope whoever wins, football helps to crush the patriarchy globally. One more thing I saw in the card is the shield on the pedestal. Looking at the synastry between the opponents needs to be considered as well. It was when Morocco beat Spain and Hakimi immediately ran to his mother (who wears a hijab) and embraced her. There are four cups four World Cups at the bottom of the card. So Im all in! Unfortunately, your prediction was wrong here. Womens football has come a long way and this would be a wonderful act of solidarity and empowerment, especially as it would take place in a Country where women are powerless. Also Read: Know the impacts of the Sun and Saturn conjunction in different houses. After months of anticipation, excitement and a bit of anxiety, the World Cup will finally kick off . The boy holding the cup seems to wear a red phrygian cap (a sign of freedom worn during the French revolution), and is dressed in the color of the French football team (blue, red, white). I am also fairly new to trying to work out my chart and still get a bit confused other than I know that I have stellums in Aries and Capricorn which I have closely followed in your book. No footballing heritage, too small, too hot, too mediaeval but not too rich. Another interesting fact is that France won the previous World Cup in 2018. If we go back to the astrological chart and that Libra Moon which is always about equality here we have a huge gesture by the two figures, male and female and maybe a member of the patriarchy stalking off. I see he is defending the boy and girl. Terrific validation for astrology. It was necessary to know how to arrange Croatia for the worlds top! A while back all the women who do the day to day work in parishes went on strike! Oh, how I wish that had been the case, but the Tarot was being tricky. The X on the shield is a symbol of the Christian faith. Its not only cups, its six of them. How fascinating that would be! And Lionel Messi wears the 10 on his Argentina jersey note the X hidden away on the stonework on the card. The combination of the Libra Moon (equality between male and female) and the actual card, showing the boy and girl with a cup, is really striking. I also think they could be facing Croatia because the background reminds me of Croatian castles. The Capricorn suggests an ambitious team and country. Perhaps Hansel and Gretel are former Croatian president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic and Croatian player Luka Modric. . Goosebumps are a sign your spirit guide has moved into your aura and has something to convey. The main theme in the Tarot and astrology though, is male and female equality. I think the 4 at the front are the past and the cup in the boys hands is the now and the cup on the pedestal the future. . These interpretations allow me to keep faith and dream of another win for France. It is also possible that we see a final dominated by a younger generation a generation of players who have been carefully schooled by their coach. Was reading about Italian Messi growing up and childhood and it revolved around a kids club, youth club/his attachment to his grandma Celia who passed just before his 11 bday (devout catholic) and looking up to sky when he scored goals as a tribute to her. I dont think Uruguay but I do think you are onto something about Manuel Neuer. Yes, according to our astrologers, Rahu is strong in his birth chart, and it will give him a strong stand in the finals to be held on December 18, 2022. It is tempting to go for a team with a blue and red strip, which may be England, for example. Hi Jessica, you have been so busy, so much to read. How about Senegal? Really interesting. world cup kicks off with adorable line of boys/girls with players is a poignant symbol of the mass appeal and positive associations of game, Regardless of what happens Messis football journey hits a milestone today. We have a new contender for a World Cup winner. This is so interesting! The shirts are similar to the away strip too. They are two different things but beside controversy currently in press, I wonder if this tournament will bring some changes we are not even seeing yet? The cup handover either at the final, or back home for the winning team, does seem like the perfect way for FIFA and football to promote equality. Thank you for updating me. So Messis name and nickname arent really part of that, but the wine and the Roman Catholic nature of Argentina fit the chart agreed! So a statement that is about appearance that is direct and a bit punky, anarchistic and no nonsense. You can see the card at the end of this feature. The village houses could be Portuguese with the rocky road/pavement. Ive not had time to catch up with the footer. Theres so much greenery surrounding the white flowers in Pamelas six of cups also, and red and green are the dominant Moroccan jersey and flag colours. Brazilian astrologer Athos Salomi caused a stir by predicting several hot topics. I have applied to you elsewhere, but top marks to you as a biased French supporter who is seeing that Phrygian cap. This goes beyond a wife and her husband. This is a tricky card, though, because of the way it is illustrated. I agree: I think the card says an Argentina-Morocco final. A couple of quick snippets about Leo nickname Messi that may make sense. Hello everyone! There is also a lot of controversy around LGBT rights and Qatar. Cup Final as I seem to have some psychic readers whod probably nail it! Englands men win the World Cup? Morocco would also fit, and another reader has pointed out the Christian-Muslim crusade history. The 6 of Cups is a Scorpio card which could be speaking to their Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio. Yet the Tarot has been tricking us. The four lined up at the bottom have something to tell us. Bonjour Jessica Who will win the FIFA world cup 2022? Its really about an innocent pairing its about equality. The white flowers in the six of cups on Pamelas tarot card all have five points like the five-pointed pentangle on the Moroccan flag representing the five pillars of Islam, which echoes Jupiter in Pisces. The fifth cup is in the captains hands, you could say. And is that Messi leaving in a huff? Unfortunately, as others have pointed out, many migrant workers died and now the tournament has been marred by the death of an American journalist. Ive said a bit more in your other post, but thank you for this complex reading of the Six of Cups. This does look like a Jupiter in Pisces, religious or spiritual rapprochement, as you say, with these two nations. He is sure to show his best foot forward. Will it be France, or it will be Argentina? Now that would be fascinating. I think this is a whole new website, given the interest in both the footer and the astrology. That would have been a bigger gesture. Spiritually, a Moroccan win would be a huge uplift in remembrance of those souls who are now in spirit who gave their all for this world cup in Qatar. The match starts at 7 PM IST. Were not going to get religion out of this World Cup Final. England because the boy and the girl together coincides with the Lionesses winning the UEFA Womens Championship earlier this year. Dec 9, 2022. I had no idea that one commentator said the players in the 10 shirt had the X factor amazing. Germany 2014, The trophy that sits alone (6th)? Here are some of my observations of the Tarot card and blog, to add on the comments shared. August 26, 2022 by Anna Howard Final Prediction: We predict that Argentina is going to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This world cup had some great games throughout the tournament. Prediction of FIFA and Infantino in years to come ? Lets see. Ahem. Its a shame that the easy-fit checks of the Croatian symbolism are no more, but it is to France we look, so you may be right. England is out, partly because of that Capricorn Brazil referee Wilton Sampaio so all eyes on Morocco. Main Image: When Saturday Comes @WSC_magazine Its a huge shame as I would have liked to see a motherly pitch invasion. Well-known member. And with so much thought on the technical sets, performance, etc., our astrologers have their point of view as well. As Astrosurf pointed out, Pope Francis is Argentinian. If you look at the coat of arms of Argentina, you see a red hat, which really resembles the hat that the boy wears in the map. I have now changed my mind. I also was thinking of Messis name. I find that Croatian team is represented by Mars, because they call themselves the fiery ones. Perhaps we will see all these elements come into play for the final, along with Morocco. So, if you want to know who will win the title of FIFA world cup 2022 and become the next champion, read more. He lost 4 (3 Copa and 1 World cup), thus the 4 cups on the ground. For example EPL. And star sign analyst Stacie Aylane predicts Tite's team, Brazil will win the World Cup 2022. What do you think? 2) The other cup on the lectern which has a X below is most likely the Player of the Tournament cup. I have been looking at the chart that you put up for the start of the match and reading through the article again. She does like her football. Maybe something unforeseen and unexpected will happen when the Captain of the winning team hands over the cup to a female. Were still left with Jupiter in Pisces on the day, the sign ruling Christianity, but also religion in general. Id love England to do well, too. They have been in five finals 1930, 1978, 1986, 1990, 2014, hopefully 2022. So does Germany win? Just to add one more detail, six of cups can represent sixth final appearance of Argentina. The Borussia Dortmund attacker will turn 18 on November 20, the day the World Cup kicks off. This has been a fun post and thank you for sharing it! So are we looking at the Lionesses and the Three Lions? And we all know that the rooster comb is red, same as the mans red hat. Does that mean stock market highs? This could be any of the three Christian country contenders laying down the cross and walking away from the cup: Croatia, France, Argentina. I think it could be France holding a cup on the throne (from World cup 2018) and passing it to Croatia. I am getting to these comments late, and you posted on 25th November, so we are now near the final, and Germany has gone home. Including the captain, Manuel Neuer? just having fun joining in which is interpretation. After a victorious performance in the last encounter, Indian team will look to continue their winning streak as they face England at the Birsa Munda Stadium in Bhubaneshwar. Hi Jessica. I found your Astrology and tarot interesting esp Jupiters involvement. We have to look at Ghana with the youngest squad of all, aged just 24.7 years. You drew The Hanged Man as the winner of the final. This Tarot post on the footer has attracted so much interest; its one of the most-read stories on my website at the moment, so thank you for contributing to the discussion. human classification chart,
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